08 October 2013

Go and Be

This weekend Loren and I were fortunate to go camping, and Loren went rock climbing again! It was my first (believe it or not) camping experience. I am hooked, and really happy to scratch one more goal off my list.  I tried the climbing thing, but it was really freaky. I think I want to practice a few times indoors before I try it in an extreme atmosphere again.  All in all, it was great to get out of town for the weekend and spend time outdoors with friends. 

Some really great advice that I have read in The Circle Maker and have often heard from a friend is a change in pace and a change in place can lead to a change of perspective. I love useful tips like this, and I have tried this theory out. Time and time again the idea proves itself true. Here are a few takeaways from my experiences with this idea and my weekend away. 

1. Spending quality time with people makes a huge difference. I have questioned constantly being "plugged in" for a while now. With social media and feeling guilty if I don't answer an e-mail immediately, I am constantly be dragged down by what I might be missing out on. Basically, comparing my life to what other people are doing in completely different parts of the world. Which leads to number...

2.  My life matters. Spending face to face time with people that care about me is an important reminder of this. I have encouragement, among other things, to offer them. It takes quality time  and work to be able to offer my gratitude, encouragement, empathy, etc. 

3. There are millions of ways that people "do" life. Taking the time to listen carefully is vital. I don't have to advise them on how to live their life better, I can learn how to live better by hearing their experiences. 

4. By being unplugged, experiencing Love, and embracing relationships, I can breathe again. I don't have to have it all together, and I probably never will have it all together by the world's standards. And that is okay. 

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