07 September 2013

Pick-Up Paradise: The Drive-In

Loren and I have tried to keep up one date night a week since we got married.  They haven't been consistently happening since we moved from California, but we hope to get them started again! 

We've been really lucky to go to three drive-ins this summer-- one in Alabama, and the other two here.  You can pack your own picnic and wear your comfy clothes and be outside.  One of the best dates ever! I've always been inspired by a Pintrest photo to make the truck super cozy.  The last photo was my attempt!
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  1. I love that you built a pallet/nest in the back of your truck for the drive-in movies. I've never even thought of that idea...bless you!

    1. Oh my goodness! So fun! You have to do it, Kelly! I think there is a drive-in in Tulsa... you should go!