13 September 2013

My Benjamin Bunny

Meet Benjamin! We recently bought him at the Colorado State Fair.  I've wanted another bunny for forever! When I was little I had an Angora named Fluffy (what else), and now this adorable mini-lop. I have litter training him on my to-do list-- yes, it's totally possible! 

I was excited to find that Ms. Potter had a bunny named Benjamin, and Mr. McGregor had a real point when he didn't want bunnies in his garden.  Benjamin absolutely ate an entire row of kale.  However, after reading about Spring Warren's rabbits in The Quarter-Acre Farm I know that Benjamin has a part in our own Little Farm.  

While a huge steer produces two tons of manure a year, my teeny tiny Benjamin produces one ton.  Score! What's more, Benjamin's "bunny berries" (Loren hates that phrase) won't burn plants like the steer manure will.  So, I can add it directly to the garden with no harm done to the plants.  Very cool. 

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