02 September 2013

Little Farm

We have recently moved into our new to us house with a new to us yard.  It has been absolutely amazing to sit outside and have coffee, read, or do whatever we want to do in our outdoor space.  One of the best things has been having our new little chicks to take care of.  

Loren dreams of having some sort of farm and it seems like our yard has turned into an experiment.  Our late summer garden is producing some pretty nice squash, and I'm anxiously awaiting our radishes.  My favorite thing about all of our endeavors is taking care of the chicks. We are just learning the ins and outs of raising healthy chickens. 

This move from California to Colorado and all of the places in between has been hard, but the Little Farm is making up for it. 

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  1. What a great picture! I live in NYC, so no chicks, but I do have a veggie garden and love it. My brother raises 6 of them,and loves it. They lay the best eggs, and his neighbors benefit from them as well! My stepson lives in CO and I am planning a visit to Denver in Oct. You are very lucky to be there!

  2. Ah! And you in NYC! Love it! :) we are missing the big city, but finding the joys of living in a small town. I haven't gotten to explore Denver yet... You'll have to fill me in on the good stuff to do there!