10 September 2013

Harvesting Seeds: Zucchini Style

Almost as soon as we moved into our new place in Colorado, we planted a garden, aka the Little Farm.  We have wanted to have this garden for SO LONG! It felt a little silly starting in July, but it's time to act on that dream.  Our first plants were Zucchini, but since then we have planted Yellow Squash, Collard Greens, Kale, Turnip Greens, Beets, Radishes, and Turnips.  I'm hoping that the others will thrive in the cool, fall weather of Colorado.

Meanwhile, I let one of our Zucchini get to that legendary baseball bat size in order to harvest some seeds--- what will be heirloom seeds if all goes well! Here is how I harvested my lovelies.

I sliced that sucker in half.

I dug in with my fingers and separated a lot of seeds.  I left the ones that got cut by the knife alone, but any whole, larger seeds I grabbed up.

Hurray! A lot of seeds for next year! Now I am going to let them dry for a week or so, then store them in a paper envelope to fight against any mold.  Thankfully (in this case) we live in a really dry "high desert" atmosphere.  Cheers to heirloom Zucchini!

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