03 September 2013

Colorado State Fair

I have been thinking a lot about community over the past couple of years.  It is something that seems to be trending in the neighborhoods that we have been a part of-- Mosaic Bay and The Pearl.  It was really hard for us to be a part of community in the Bay Area because of our work locations and Loren's school, and now it is interesting to have the large amount of time we have to participate in a new community.  In both places, meal time is the best way to cultivate community.  We are still diving into getting to know people here in Colorado, the culture, the values, the style, and the family structure.  The state fair was a great place to start.  It seems like that's when people come out of the woodwork.  We also got to see a new friend, Frank, play.

We all need community, and I'm really excited to look for ways to develop it.

1. CSF Ferris Wheel
2. Fair Games
3. Frank
4. Shadows

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