22 January 2013

"We have a Culture Raised on Watching."-Erwin McManus

Loren got me tickets for the deYoung museum for my birthday! They currently are having a Rudolf Nureyev exhibit-- one of my favorite dancers! I remember the period of time when I was taking classes in Atlanta, and my teacher showed us a video about Nureyev. I was hooked. I remember wanting to live art like that. Move and breathe it in. I am so thankful that I have had that chance and still have it everyday I wake up. It's been a hard marriage between dance and myself, but I love it more than ever.

The exhibit was fascinating! I loved seeing these costumes that I saw on video years ago. I also saw Margot Fonteyn's pointe shoes and a costume designed by Hanae Mori and worn by Sylvie Guillem.

Pause to take a moment to sigh.

We also wondered around the rest of the museum and saw a lot of really awesome art! While the textile section will remain my favorite, I love to see the beautiful, classical pieces that make up our history. We truly "have a culture raised on watching." Now it's more about film than live performance, but would it not be great to revert to live performances and witness the greatness of our times like Nureyev did?

Maybe it would create more community? More love? More compassion?

My friend, Bianca, also accounted her visit in this post.Textiles are her thing, and I think it's really fun to read her perspective on the exhibit.

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