15 January 2013

The Creator

The pressure of creating has been on my mind, living in my heart, growing in importance, stressing me out, all around me, making me cry, and giving my husband a reason to say "baby, take a deep breath." Here. Now. I can feel it in my soul.

What do you do when you are not sure what you are creating in the first place? What is the purpose for creating?

Create out of nothing?

What can I create out of nothing?

How did the "Star Breather" do it?

He said the word, and it was a creation in progress. The angels sung, mountains peaked, the ocean waves touched new earth-- for us to listen, to climb, and to ride.


I have all the props at my fingertips. The music to work with, the climb and decent, the water to swim through.

Now what?

1 comment :

  1. Now what?

    Simply do! Even a breath is creation!

    I hope you feel inspired soon, my dear! Your birthday is coming up and you said you may be going to see the new Nureyev exhibit-- I hope it inspires you as it inspired me!