18 January 2013

Number 27

It was my birthday yesterday! I love having my birthday close to the new year. It is almost like a double renewing celebration. I am truly blessed to have received so many well wishes from all over and from many different parts of my life!

If you have ever seen the How I Met Your Mother episode of Lily's birthday, that is how I am on my birthday. Watch it. I die laughing every time. This year I am feeling like my birthday is holding a lot of value for me. Like I said before, my personal new year. Therefore, my personal new year is coming with some goals in mind. I am sure this list will be edited, but for the time being, here it is.

Dreams for Year 27

1. Be creative EVERYday
2. Get my 200 hour yoga teaching certificate
3. Have 101 sales on etsy this year (talk about an intimidating goal)
4. Spend at least 3 weeks in Georgia
5. Spend at least 3 weeks in Oklahoma
6. Visit Yosemite
7. Spend a weekend with LG in la la land
8. Teach yoga ( specifically in California, Georgia, and Oaklahoma)
9. Witness the glory and beauty of the Grand Canyon
10. Visit a new country. Not Canada, but would still like to go there
11. Camp (I have NEVER camped outside of my Georgia backyard)
12. Sew myself something that I will actually wear
13. Visit Michelle in Colorado
14. Choreograph 3 pieces
15. Perform again
16. Participate in a Project Dance
17. Drive with the windows down on a hot night from Georgia to Alabama
18. See The Lumineers in concert
19. Have Grandpa teach Loren and me how to weld with his mad skills
20. Learn to sew more baby clothes
21. Blog regularly (3 times a week)
22. Write a story
23. See the Zac Brown Band in concert
24. Have a meal at Chez Pannise
25. Make a living doing the things I love, not corporate retail.
26. Eat at Julep
27. Take a ballet class from my alma mater, Belhaven University
28. Take a ballet class from Maurya Kerr, my favorite teacher. Ever.
29. Swim in the hot Atlantic Ocean and spend an entire day there!
30. Continue my gratitude project each week
31. Read 30 books


  1. Oh I am with you on the eating at juleps!!!!

  2. This is such a fun and sweet list!

    You have so many wonderful things on there that all involve being outdoors and in nature. While you're still here in SF, at least try and visit the Redlands! I hear there is great camping out there!