02 November 2012

Yoga, day by day

I've become obsessed with Yoga. It's an awesome workout for this high strung girl.  And I mean high strung.  Anxiety attacks me when I'm trying to get ready for work, even if I know I have plenty of time to get there. It's a bit ridiculous. I have suspicions that I have a high level of cortisol in my system.  I need to calm down. My goal has been to do at least ten minutes of yoga a day. Consecutively I'm on day five.  I would like to turn it into day three hundred sixty five. 

*fist pump*

 And I can tell a difference.

*double fist pump*

For me, I'm excited to connect my beliefs with my practice.  I've been
(slowly reading) Holy Yoga, which I am at first very turned off by the title.  It seems unattainable almost, unreal, to call what I do Holy. There were moments dancing that were sacred to me. That's where I could be found to be fully alive, and at times fully broken.  Even if I'm not in a dance classroom,  I want access to that every day. Maybe I can find it in yoga.

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