19 October 2012

Something "new" to try: Nails Inc.

I say something new, but I really mean new to me. Nails Inc. is a company started by Thea Green in the UK in 1999. The company was originally just "nail bars" throughout the UK, but their products have spread across several other countries including here in the US. I recently bought some on sale Nails Inc. polishes from work, and they kill it. Awesome. I have a hard time keeping nail polishes off when cleaning, or doing whatever throughout the day, but these guys have lasted my test for a couple of days.

Here are my pinterest finds, meshed with Nails Inc., meshed with O.P.I. for Sephora. Don't hate on my nail skills. I realized they are not the bomb dot com, but it's really therapeutic and fun to sit down and do them.

And don't hate because I just said the bomb dot com.

The colors I used are Hampstead Gardens (on sale for $5!) and Slushied (sold out online).

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