17 October 2012

Planning for a gratitude filled Christmas, Week 1

My gratitude project has taken a back burner in all of the hustle of October. That is unfortunate. So this is the plan, and it would be awesome for others to join. I would love to hear your stories of taking the time to giving meaning to this holiday season.

This year I am making the Christmas cards. I have honestly been really bad at sending Christmas cards. I loose track, and don't make it to the post office in time. However, don't we all LOVE seeing those cards in the mailbox?

I purchased the paper, and some stamps to get really crazy with them. Then we are going to make them gratitude cards. Told you, huge project. I have 50 pieces of card stock that could stay at 50, or go up to 100 by cutting them in half. In each card, I want to put in an extra small thank you card for people to pass the love, but I won't be putting a stamp on them. Honestly, that could get crazy expensive.

This week, think it over. Past, present, and even future? What are the possibilities of expressing gratitude this upcoming holiday season?

photo courtesy of pinterest.

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