18 October 2012

Bikram "Hot" Yoga

Hot yoga and I have had a mostly a hate relationship. Until this week. I have found my studio.

I went to a great class, and felt amazing. I am intrigued with the benefits of hot yoga (and yoga in general for that matter), so here is what I found.

1. Hot Yoga cleanses the body. I guess it is common sense, because you are in a 100 degree + room, but you sweat A LOT. My skin feels amazing after class.

2. It's a great low impact cardiovascular work-out. The heat gets your heart rate up, and it stays up the entire class. It's great for those with knee problems, but make sure you are still taking care of that knee and keeping the muscles around it nice and strong!

3. It teaches breathing techniques, and how to breathe deeply under stress.

4. Yoga in general has, in various studies, been known to lower cortisol levels. (more on that later)

5. Did I mention, you sweat a lot?

The last place I tried hot yoga felt like I was in a Russian ballet studio with little breath or life to be found. Luckily I tried the new "Hot" Yoga to the People studio in Berkeley. I adore it.

The Yoga to the People concept is awesome. The vinyasina studios are donation based, so no one is turned away. This concept keeps a vibrant studio alive. The practice is great for all levels. The Hot studios understandably have a set price per class, but it comparably more affordable. That being said, if you are ever in NYC, Seattle, Berkeley, or San Francisco check out their studios.


  1. There is a place in my area that I got to hot yoga and it is AMAZING! It's like a body detox. LOVE it!

    1. I know! It makes your skin feel Ah-mazing!