19 September 2012

Urban Picking v.4

This week was my Best. Find. Yet. I mean, the day was looking pretty good already. It was my day off, feeling energetic, and I had a great menu going for dinner. I decided to take my tush over to my old Salvation Army haunt in Oakland. I saw familiar faces. (pretty bad when they know you at the thrift store.) Familiar spaces. And then I saw it.

My Crosley player that I have been looking at for two-ish years. I called my mom, my in-laws, literally jumped up and down in the store. Loren wasn't sure exactly what I meant when I said I got a record player. He was expecting something a lot more beat up than what I found.

I found it slightly buried, and ran to it when I saw that brown case. It had all of the hook-ups. I can put my sweet, warm vinyls on my computer now. Rather, the vinyls I will be purchasing. People followed me around the store trying to see if I would put it down. Heck no! This is something I've dreamed of having. Dancing to my grandparents records, washing dishes to Benny Goodman, introducing Sleeping Beauty to our children on my *real* original sound track. The man that plays the old pianos in the store came over to help me play it. He says my Crosley was waiting especially for me.

Sir, it was. It certainly was.