14 September 2012

Fall Style

Fall has brought some fun stuff to the plate when it comes to fashion. I've been looking on the inter-webs at all of the polka dots and stripes, new color palettes, and warm cozy sweaters.

It's ok to look, right? I've been upping my game, "dressing" myself in clothing other than dancer garb when I leave the apartment. Even if it's just a trip to work to change into my Sephora black and red costume. My feminine heart is drawn to beauty, and I am having a lot of fun celebrating it through fashion.

I am attempting to sew a lot of my clothing (I am aiming for a project a week), but I have also bought a couple of things to kick off fall.

Cheers to fall fashion, and styling posts. Let's see how it goes!


  1. I say we do a chunky sweater knit along for the fall! I'm about to publish a post about it this afternoon and I think it'd be a fun idea to work on <3!

    1. OHhh! Yeah! now that would be a challenge for me. Ha... hopefully one arm wouldn't be longer than the other.... let's talk about it at our coffee date tomorrow! <3