06 September 2012

Gratitude for the everyday & link up!

Today I sent two special projects to Oklahoma. Want to see?

Yes, they are pretty cute because they are soooo tiny. I am not pregnant, nor will be, God willing, for a little while longer. (sorry Chris--the in-law ) However, they were especially requested to be sent to my new brother's girlfriend. Yay! Now I have a purpose behind designing these tiny creations.

And I am so thankful! So thankful they were requested, and so thankful that I am able to make them, and so thankful that they are darn cute!

My small gratitude added to my list for the week. The blog will be back on schedule next week... the fam was in town. And boy, I am grateful we had the chance to spend so much time together!

Please link up your stories of gratitude!!

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