19 September 2012

Domestic Goddess Channeling: Caramelized Pizza

I have recently been introduced to a pretty darn good pizza. It's a mouth watering as soon as you think about having it for lunch pizza. Here it goes.

Your favorite thin pizza crust
1 large onion ( I would go for vidalia-I'm partial- if possible), caramelized with 2 T butter
1/2 bag mozzarella
1 full corn cobb, boiled
1/2 tub feta
1 Roma tomato, thinly sliced

Ok, you have your pizza crust and onions already prepared. Make sure you have the oven ore-heating. Use your caramelized onions like sauce. Place your cheeses, corn, and tomatoes on top. Cook as the crust recipe has instructed. Pizza heaven!

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