13 September 2012

Detoxing: Flor Essence Tea

I feel like I have been doing some detoxing lately. It's hard to put an exact name on everything I have been detoxing from, but it's happening.

My parents and Grandpa came to visit us, and it was a blast. It's so nice to see them. My mom and I were talking, and she reminded me of this tea she drank a lot when I was growing up. She had some pretty severe stomach issues, but this detox tea helped a lot. Intriguing. I had some of this tea left from a time I bought it on a whim, so I decided to brew it after the fam went home. I have been really fatigued lately. Granted, we don't eat perfectly, but darn! I should have more energy! I get plenty of sleep, and there is a cycle where I work out, but then I get SO tired that it's not as consistent as I would like. I am used to working out( dancing) and finding a lot of life through it, not feeling so drained I don't feel like being active. I am also interested in adrenal issues. I think that may have a part in this constant fatigue.

This tea detox is my starting place.

The tea is called Flor-Essence. It's an herbal tea that gained popularity around 1922 because of claims that it won a woman's fight with breast cancer. We have just started the 'detox' (on day four now), and so far so good. I'm going to document our "side effects" each week to see the progressions, and any further research I do on the product.


  1. This is a good detox recipe. Now I have another option to choose aside from my daily dose of chlorella supplement which is a good detox partner as well.