26 September 2012

A Chunky Sweater: knitting trials

My friend Bianca, from
Pink Rococo v.2, and I have been conspiring to keep one another accountable. For knitting. Woah! Now to me knitting a sweater is intimidating. Have you guys knitted a sweater before? Props if you have. I have only crocheted some massive blankets that were a little uneven.

I have had a ton of fun finding inspiration for my fall to winter sweater. (Let's face it, fall may be over by the time I finish it. ) I want a chunky, cozy sweater. One to snuggle in, take to warm up in for dance, one to layer when I go out without a coat-- and in the bay you ALWAYS need a coat.

I think this may be the one, but I am going to check out the library to see if there are any patterns I like better.


Oh, and for all you knitters out there, have you seen this free vintage knitting site? I ran across it while I was looking. It has a ton of vintage knitting patterns.

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