23 August 2012

Urban Picking v.3

A few weeks ago, I had one of those days. The days where the sky seems grey, your eyes are all fuzzy, and you can't seem to see the light in the darkness.

And the God gave me this chair.

My husband and I were planning to go to the Treasure Island Flea (if you get a chance,go!), but it just wasn't working out. We were running errands later that day and bam! I saw this fun chair. It's the second chair we have found that I intend on keeping. The first was a rocking chair that I found on the day my Grandma passed away. It was another gift that I like to think of as my goodbye gift. I always remember her rocking chairs that I played in growing up.

So this is my free urban picking chair that says to me "be still, I am taking care of you." Maybe I'll paint it, but for now I'm seeing it "perfect just the way it is."

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