14 August 2012

Tutorial Tuesday & Link Up: DIY Fabric Softener

I've been lurking on pinterest for quite awhile now. I could spend way too much time on that website! About a year ago, I started trying to really, actually, undeniably do the projects on pinterest. It's been a good time, and I've gotten a lot of cleaning tips from the site. My husband actually thinks I'm pretty smart when I come up with strange concoctions to clean the stove, and some kind of miracle pit stain remover.

It's really pinterest ya'll. It's a little out of control. And I have to act on what I see.

So here is one of my developed projects from an original 'recipe' I saw on pinterest. My DIY fabric softener. It's made with vinegar, which itself is a powerful little machine. It is antibacterial, helps protect against fading, and won't quietly build up on your fabrics after loads and loads of laundry.

8 c vinegar
1/2 c baking soda
15 drops of lavender essential oil (or peppermint, or rosemary, or anything else)

Pour 4 c vinegar into a large bowl. Then pour a small amount of baking soda in at a time. Warning, it will start to bubble like a fun science project. The bubbling will stop, then slowly add in the rest of the vinegar.  At the end, stir in your favorite essential oil. There you have it, a green fabric softener that is also cheap. Score!
Make sure to link up your tutorials! Would love to try them out!

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