27 August 2012

Oh hey, Thanks! Gratitude Project Link-up

I've been thinking of how to renew my gratitude project. It's been great so far. I've given four gratitude letters, and I want them to keep going. It's the center of my project, along with the pass it forward envelope that I put with the letters.  The baking part of my project hasn't happened. That might just turn into baking once a week though, and giving it away to people instead of the two of us eating all of it. Way better for the size of my butt. 

While I was thinking of a way to spice up my gratitude project, I came across this article from Reader's Digest. It's about how having a general life of gratitude, the benefits and challenges you may come across. I don't think I've totally been thanking everyone even more than usual, like the check-out girls or my co-workers, but having a central space to focus on gratitude has been really fun. I do want to try and have an ongoing list though. Exciting stuff people! 

I am adding a link-up for you guys to link your own gratitude projects along so we can all read along and celebrate with you. Please link up your related posts!

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