13 August 2012

Gratitude Development Project & Link up

This week I've been thinking about being thankful for those that we are closest to. I find myself not saying thank you enough to family and friends (that are like family). Maybe it's because I feel that it's an understood. I could not do "it" without them.

But it is so important to tell them how thankful we are. They mean something. They are priceless. Not just telling them that they are important when they are having a rotten day, but to surprise them on a good day to make it even better perhaps. I'm becoming all about the thank you card. It might be old school, but I'm loving it.  In the recent past, I have been really bad about sending them. I want that to change, and this is week three. I'm thinking I'm ready to explore further ways of showing gratitude. We will see how it goes!

I am also doing a link up! Trying it out, seeing how it goes.  I want to hear of your gratitude journey, and what you are doing to show your gratitude to those you love and care about!


  1. What a great post-- I think this is something I need to work on for sure. We all get wrapped up in our own head and forget to say "thank you" to the ones who support us through it all.

    1. Thanks Bee! It's something all of us need to work on! Too often it's all about me and not about others.