20 August 2012

Gratitude Development Project & Link up

This small project, or seemingly small, has easily become one of the highlights of my week. I love it. I love telling people that they are important and valuable. We all need to hear that. You are full of worth.

The past three weeks I've been filled with anticipation, not really knowing when my friends will get their snail-mail. Not really knowing if it's going to 'work' for their love language to receive encouragement in writing. But it's so exciting! Sitting down and actually writing out words for people that have changed me, my path, my day to day life has helped me get through some junk over the past few weeks. It's not all about me, and that is a very good thing. If it were, I would be greatly disappointed a lot of the time. This week, I'm hoping to add a little more wham to my project in the form of baked goods. Something more to share with those I see on a regular basis, and a skill I want to work on. Mixing some ingredients to make a sweet treat.

I am adding a link up to my gratitude development project, and would love for you to join in! Starting with a letter to someone that needs some thanking, and an additional stamped envelope so they can pass it forward. Or whatever creative way that you use to give your thanks. Please link back to my project in your post! I'm excited to see how you all show your gratitude.

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