03 August 2012

Epsom Salt Baths & Keeping up with the workouts

In the spirit of staying on top of my blog, I've also been attempting to stay on top of my health. It's all about balance, right? A little work, a little play, and a combination of both at the same time. When I am not working out, I feel like poop. I blame it on years of dancing for hours a day.

Since my husband and I are trying to budget wisely, I unjoined the gym. If I spend money working out, I need to spend it on dance classes. In the midst of this, I found bodyrock!! It's high impact interval training that you do at home-- or the park.  It's great, and I love adding a warm-up and cool down to the workouts, too. Check them out!! (they retweeted a tweet of mine this week. I got a little excited, haha)

In my pintrest browsing, I found this article about taking Epsom Salt baths. I knew they were great for sore muscles, but I had no idea how interesting learning more about them would be.

1. Epsom salt is composed of magnesium sulfate.
2. Because of over farming, a lot of our soil is depleted of its magnesium, therefore we don't obtain the amount of magnesium our bodies need.
3.  Calcium needs magnesium to be absorbed at a 2:1 ratio.
4.  Magnesium also aids in improving our circulatory system,  kidneys, increases serotonin(mood improver), and helps our nervous system communicate with our brain.

And to think, we aren't getting enough of it!

By taking three Epsom salt baths a week, we can absorb a significant amount of magnisium through our largest organ, the skin. We can neutralize the unfiltered bath water with a half cup baking soda, steam up the bath room with as hot as you can stand water, and detoxify ourselves as well.  I'm giving it a go, excited to see if I feel different after a few weeks of Epsom salt baths.

And, of course, keeping on track with bodyrock and my eating habits.


  1. Sounds like a really good plan! Who knew Epsom salt had all those benefits?!!

    1. Right?! I knew it was good for sore muscles, but gosh! I'm on bath four, and have had better moods already. (unless it's just in my head)

  2. wow...so interesting...if this helps with circulation i need to try it as my pregnancy induced carpel tunnel is making my hands and arms completely numb!

    1. I would be really interested to see how it works out for you Ruthy Ann! Keep me updated!