18 July 2012

Wordless(ish) Wednesdays

Now to join the linking up bandwagon that I LOVE! I'm linking up with The Paper Mama for Wordless(ish) Wednesdays!

We recently tried out Phil's Sliders in downtown Berkeley. Freaking delicious if you are in the area! Totally like them on facebook, too. They have a great selection for carnivores and herbivores. Check it. Another plus, the service was great. I'm a sucker for good service after working in a few different retail venues. You have a job, please be thankful you are there!

I've been sewing some little skirts for little babes. I have run into this awesome place to find vintage fabrics, and these are some fun ways to use them.  I have plans of making something Chelsea sized as well, but these are my quick and easy substitutes right now.  I've been throwing them in my etsy shop, too. Check it out at twentyfourhourdinah.

This hanging bird planter is from my Grandma, and I've been missing her a lot lately. <3

And of course, Dinah. Our little monkey.

And remember, I'm linking up with The Paper Mama, and a few more!

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