25 July 2012

Wordless Wednesdays

Mondays are my free day lately. My day to catch up on work, my blog, my etsy shop, and just stuff around the apartment. We live in a place where I can luckily walk to wherever I need to go if Loren has the car for the day. So this Monday on my way to pick up glue for the Toms repair and trash bags for the apartment, I took my camera along. I really should always have it with me around these parts. I've never seen so many fun things around a neighborhood as I do around the one we live in now. It's pretty awesome.

1. There is always a box of free something lying around: books, shoes, clothes
2,3. There are community gardens everywhere. I really want to work in one for fun.
4. Who can pass by the zebra car without a second glance. Truly crazy. And awesome.

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