24 July 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: DIY Toms Refashion

I love my Toms! My favorites have been my black glitter pair because they are so comfy! Too soon after I started wearing them, they both got holes in the toes. Darn! I've been doing my research and found this tutorial from a writer of Design Sponge. It's an easy quick fix for my Toms problem!

First I bought this fabric glue from a local store, Stone Mountain and Daughter. I also found some scraps to use in their free scrap bin! Awesome!

Then I reinforced the holes with two square layers of denim using the fabric glue.

Then I measured up the colorful fabric I found in the free bin of Stone Mountain and Daughter. I didn't sew the sides up, I folded them under before gluing.

And that's it! I will at least get a bit more wear out of them before they must be donated or thrown away! Yay for refashioning!

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