23 July 2012

Monday Fun(food)day: Iced Coffee Mint Julep

Last week I met a friend at Philz, a well known bay area coffee chain.  Man oh man, did I drink something that was Ah-mazing. Iced coffee Mojito. You can bet I had to make a home-made one the next morning with some fresh mint. I like to call my version the Iced Julep Espresso to give a salute to my southern homeland. (and my favorite restaurant in the wide, wide world, Julep in Jackson, MS) This drink screams summer garden and play-time outside in your Grandpa's back yard. 

First, meet Herb my mint plant. Pronounced somewhere between the name Herb and the plants classified as Herbs. 

Now for the recipe. Very easy.

Double brewed coffee
Fresh mint
Sugar (if desired)
Cream(if desired)

First tear up some mint leaves, and put them in the bottom of your favorite iced beverage glass. Atmosphere is also important in the making of and consumption of the Iced Julep Espresso. Put a little sugar in the bottom if you want, and mash up the leaves with your spoon. If you have a mortor and pestal, I'm sure it works as well. Then pour your double strength over the mashed up goodness and let it steep for a couple of minutes and stir to dissolve the sugar.

Then put some ice in your cup, fill up the rest with coffee. Top off with cream. Grab your rocking chair and book, and listen to the wind chimes. Or open up your windows to your apartment and imagine your back in the hot, humid summer in Georgia. 


  1. WHUUUUT?! That sounds delish! I want to try some!

    1. Yeah! totally it's really easy and yummy! :)