31 July 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: DIY Polka-Dot Jeans

 Since I've started to really write on my blog weekly (my goal is five times a week, four at the least) I wanted to have a DIY portion. This has already proven a challenge. I wanted to get started early on this DIY last week, but there were a couple of complications at first. It all came down to the wire, but it's done! Aren't they cute! My polka-dot jeans!

It started a couple a weeks ago when I saw a girl at work that had the CUTEST polka dots on her bum. In orange jean form. What! I started dreaming up how I could make this happen without purchasing more clothing (trying to continue my resolution of no retail for awhile longer).

So I have quite a few jeans, and two favorite pairs that are just alike.  I decided to use one of them for my jean DIY.  I had the option between paint, but then I remembered bleach works wonders, and they actually have a bleach pen on the market.  YES. Loren texted me from Target on Saturday, and I asked him to pick one up.  I started that night!

You will need:
 a pair of jeans (ones you love, ones you want to love, ones you want to cut off, etc)
Some old magazines (now you have a small glimpse into my magazine overload)
A bleach pen, or two (my butt made me run out of bleach. Had to have another one)

Position the magazines in your pants so the bleach doesn't bleed through.  I started with the front side, decided to skip the top belt part of the jeans, and started dotting. You could carefully measure out your dots, but I went more for the starry night jean look.  Makes them a bit more unique.  I also put on a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother.  Warning: the dots are time consuming!

I let the dots dry for about eight hours before starting the other side.  Make sure you aren't wearing your good jeans while working on the project--- you might be in danger of both jeans ending up with spots. Yeah.

Then after everything is spotted and dried, you can wash them! Viola! Your own pair of polka-dotted jeans!

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