13 June 2012

Paddle Glam

Yesterday, I went swimming. For exercise. It was grand. Now I'm really into looking for a cool "bathing cap."  Style is always one of the fun parts of an activity. Any activity. I have a vintage yellow one, but my hair seems too big for it.  I will use it until I have another choice, but it's super fun looking for one. Headcovers has these awesome caps to choose from, one of them being featured on Vogue, and the price range is great. I mean, it's not often that we can afford to buy something that's actually in Vogue. 

Now to learn more about swimming techniques. Any advice? Any directions that anyone would like to point me in for that? I just swam back and forth from my memories of swimming lessons when I was seven.  The people in the lap pool totally intimidated me, but now I have a goal. New adult dancers, I now understand how much courage it takes to enter a class!

Photo Credits:
1. TLO
Model: Aairka from Vision L.A.
Photographer: Yudi Ela
Stylist: Wade Parkins
Make-up: Veronica Chanel
Hair: Steven Perlin

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