11 June 2012

Last Week In Instagram

I'm sure you all are familiar with Instagram. It's our favorite new thing around here. Well, not quite new, but it's a awesome way of keeping up with those we love that are both close and far away. 

And I have been away from this blog for a bit.  It's been crazy around here! First, we went on a little vacation to Napa and Tahoe. It was beautiful! Then back to Oklahoma for a wedding. It's always great to be back with family. I've been meeting up with Sarah, the girl you met from this post. It's been a series of encouraging sessions, bright ideas, and laughter.  It's made me realize just how much community is necessary in dreams becoming reality.  I have started teaching dance again for beginning adults, and then I start teaching kids this Friday! Crazy!

Now, to get down to those photos! Starting From the top left going clockwise.
1. So Cal Berkeley takes working with kids seriously, and I had to get my prints taken.  It was a good time indeed. The entire time I was singing Simon and Garfunkel songs to myself.
2. I have ended up buying a total of three clothing items from January until now. This hat is not one of them, but it's freaking amazing. A little happy before I started my retail job one day.
3. Strawberries are HERE! They are my very favorite, and I made a pie. They remind me of my Grandma. She always reminded me that they were in season, and when I was at home she would buy lots of them for me.
4. I'm wanting to start sewing for kids, and I checked out this rad book from the library. 1968 Sewing for Children Made Easy. Everything about how "Mother can" do this and that while sewing for the new born to "Teen-Agers."
5. The burlap coffee sleeves I whipped together for a coffee event at Cafe Q. They were a very satisfying project!

Have an awesome week everyone!

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