12 June 2012

Financial Freedom, Sort Of.

I am pretty sure my friend Bianca from this post introduced me to The Peaceful Mom.  This lady is awesome, and provides some pretty great advice on how to live on a very small budget.  After much discussion, Loren and I have decided to cut my retail job down from 40 hours a week to 32 hours a week.  We decided to do this so I could have more time to pursue teaching, choreographing, dancing myself, and all the other little creative things that feed me including this blog and sewing.  It's been awesome so far! I'm teaching adults beginning dance at my church, and it's creating this sense of community that doesn't happen in other types of atmospheres. It's open to ANYONE if you are in the area. I'm going to start teaching kids this Friday. I might be just a little terrified, with a jolt of so excited I'm jumping up and down.

All this said, financially it makes us a little tighter. Let me tell you, the bay area is EXPENSIVE. However, we have always been blessed and provided for. We are so thankful to have the jobs we do have, it was time for a little risk though. I did a little investigating, and The Peaceful Mom gives some legit advice.  With a family of six, they live on about $28,000 for the year. Our tiny family of two have no excuses.  My first project is working on this freedom account thing.  You have two accounts. One account is for what you will need before your next paycheck, i.e. food and travel expenses.  The second account is for what's left over after those expenses divided up into different categories. For instance, we are both paid bi-monthly, and out of each paycheck comes half of rent, half of utilities, clothes fund, Christmas fund, vacation fund, etc. She has a free printable here for the freedom account that is helping me figure it out. This was our first paycheck to do this on, but I foresee a really good pattern forming.

Cheers to becoming more organized and financially free. This may become a series.

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