11 March 2012

Nice to Meet You Mondays:Bianca

So, I'm really enjoying this interviewing process so far. I feel kind of like a newspaper reporter, but hanging out with people is where the "work's" at. Loving it! People matter, and everyone's story is important and valuable.

Meet Bianca "Bee"

I met Bianca when we were working at this little coffee shop called Starbucks aka coffee for the masses.We hit it off pretty much immediately. Bianca is super into sewing, she's pursuing a textile degree in San Francisco. I'm impressed! She spent some growing up time in Mexico with her family, and traveled quite a bit more with her Mom serving in the military. Bianca has some fantastic style, and I'm so excited to see that play out in her dream of creating a screen printing business. She has the first taste of her creative dream on her etsy site, and some more babbles on her blog, pink rococo v.2.

Here's what she had to say.

What's on your TiVo/Netflix queue and why?

There's actually way too much on my netflix queue! When I first moved to San Francisco, I had no cable or internet at home-- so everything was set up through my iPhone to stream or be sent as DVD. As a result, my DVD list is out of control! Next up right now is "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom", "It's always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 1", "Boogie Nights", and "(500) Days of Summer". I've seen all except "(500) Days of Summer" which is surprising because I have a huge celebrity crush on Zooey Deschanel-- I wish I were as cute as her! But as for some of the more rough-and-tumble things on the list, it's probably due to the influence of my boyfriend who shares the queue with me. He's never seen any of the Indiana Jones films so we had to squeeze some of that old Harrison Ford goodness into the list. If it were up to me, though, my list would just be costume dramas, documentaries, and full series like Doctor Who and Star Trek.

What do you lose time doing and why does that happen?

This one is actually kind of embarrassing to admit! I get distracted and lose time thinking up other projects to do! I have so many things going on that I can't help but want to keep picking up more and more things to work on. And it's not as if I do it on purpose… I just get distracted! I think to myself "Oh- that's really cool! I could totally make that!"-- and then whatever I'm on gets ignored in favor of another project. I think I have a chronic case of never-finishes-what-she-
starts! Right now I'm working on an embroidery piece, recipe cards, my Etsy shop, decorating my bathroom, and sketches for the new screen printing kit I bought a couple weeks back. Then last week I decided randomly that I want to reteach myself French! One thing leads to another and I get constantly distracted from what I'm working on. Lost time like woah. I'm just barely starting to come to grips with it, though, so I'm trying to multitask a little bit better. I'm working on some French language podcasts while sketching--- things like that.

What defines you?

Interesting question and honestly, something I've never really thought about. I think the question on its own is kind of nice… there are so many people who say "I don't want that to define me!" or "I don't like being labeled!"-- which sounds ridiculous to me. Everyone is labeled and defined by something! Those people are being labeled as the crowd that thinks they're special snowflakes and "unique". But, with that said, I think I'm defined by the beautiful things I love, my love of historical influence on day-to-day life, and my comfort with being my own little niche. I'm well aware that there are many people who are indifferent about who I am, what I do, and my interest: that's fine, and I'm not bothered. But for the people who care and are of like-mind, well, I love that sort of "niche" mentality. We love beautiful details, high brow jokes and conversation, and aren't afraid (or ashamed!) to be witty or direct. I'm not for everyone, nor is everyone for me. I'm happy in my bubble with great friends, great conversation, great art, and amazing adornment-- vanity has nothing to do with it!

A little thing Bianca is working on for class. It's to practice 1/4 inch seams. I'm totally going to try this, it looks like a challenge, and my sewing 'seams' to wander. :)

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