05 March 2012

Nice to Meet You Mondays

After being around all of these people daily on the train, in the city, at dance, at church, and at work, and not knowing them super well, I'm curious. What's going on with them? What makes them tick? Why do they make that choice? What are they so into on their headphones? Why is she crying? What makes him so angry? Where did she get those awesome shoes from?

So I thought, why not just ask?

I have this wealth of life around me every single day. I better recognize! ( state previous sentence with some sass) I thought I would start out in my comfort zone at first with a few people I know.

Meet Sarah.

She's a super spunky, go get 'Em girl. She has been to a lot of places, met a lot of people, and made a lot of impact in the world. She's even had tea with Margaret Thatcher.
Crazy! She's a photographer, a crafter, a stylist, designer, and thrift shopper. You should see her apartment. It's super cool--imagine anthropologie on crack. The whole apartment! TwentyTwentyStudios contains her collection of visual stories she searches for. Sarah is also a part of an organization called Rebuild Sudan that is working toward providing education and building a school in Southern Sudan. Here are her answers to a few questions I asked her.

Where did you grow up, and what was the best thing about growing up there?
--I'm from Berkeley, CA and my favorite thing about growing up here was/is the diversity of people, places and things.

What's your favorite movie, and what motif stays with you from the film?
--Well, I definitely can't say I have a favorite, but I guess there are a few I particularly connect with. I'll give you two. One, The Royal Tenenbaums because of the rich characters, the unique yet relatable story, and the brilliant visuals/cinematography (plus the all-encompassing vision of the director, Wes Andersen). Two, Chocolat, for its incredible story that has such beautiful motifs and metaphors. I want to grow up to be like the protagonist. Even now as I write this I think of so many others, but I will force myself to just stick with those two.

What defines you?
--My capacity for dreaming big and my determination to make those dreams a reality

I am so excited about getting to know people better! I feel like in putting these 'nice to meet you posts' in writing it will help me slow down and appreciate people a bit more.

A little bit of visual story from twentytwentystudios.

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