13 March 2012

I have a confession

First, read this.

Yes, you read right. I broke my no retail resolution on February 21. I made it 51 days before buying something for myself. This is kind of like a diet for me. This purchase was a piece of cake, or a decadent strawberry pie with sweet vanilla ice cream.

A pair of frye short boots for...

Wait for it....


I saw this girl walking out of my store, and in casual conversation asked if she found some cool shoes. She replied: yes, but the only size of the ones I really wanted was a nine. For $70.00. After consulting Mrs. Pirtle #1 (Loren's mom) it was decided they were meant for me.

I'm weak, but these shoes are super cool and comfy.

1 comment :

  1. Hey, you deserve a little treat for going so long without buying anything! And the color and style is totally cute- I know you'll rock them!