07 March 2012

Flea. Flea Fly. Flea Fly Mosquito.

This past weekend Loren and I went to the best flea market! It's called the Alameda Point Antiques Faire. I am one of those girls that love to find cheap vintage stuff. I will give you a warning--honey, this little market ain't cheap. Most of the vendors know their stuff. That, combined with the popularity of 'vintage' in the bay area, means you have to bargain for good prices at this flea market. However it's totally worth a visit if you are here at the right time. (the first Sunday of every month) They always have some pretty amazing pieces--see above giant Elvis head.

Also, make sure not to wander away from your significant other without your phone. You will be separated. For hours.

Yes, it defiantly happened. I had to ask strangers if I could borrow their phone.

Lessons learned:
1. Don't put your phone in your husband's backpack in a shopping arena of amazingness.
2. Keep cash on you. I had two hours of wasted bargain hunting time.
3. Wear sunscreen prior to outdoor adventure in case you are lost from your parcel carrying man.
4. Don't freak out, you will eventually find each other. (the experience made me appreciate that Loren and I met at all in the first place. Out of all of the people in the world, we met each other! I watched so many people walk by in that one sitting. I'm telling you, this flea market was PACKED!)

And the question remains, did I get anything?

We did get two very large hotdogs before we lost one another.

And I really wanted this fabulous orange petticoat, but I'm really trying not to purchase any clothing items. Maybe a DIY... maybe maybe!

I actually bought only one thing! A Madeline tray! There will be baking done this weekend!


  1. my boyfriend is a huuuuuuge elvis fan and we have some pretty kistchy stuff in this house but when it comes to that giant head... it would be me or the elvis head. ;)

    1. haha, it's not exactly the most practical decoration. Maybe on a Elvis inspired foodvan...