26 February 2012

Week 3, Day 4: Tennessee Valley

So I've been doing these workouts from a site called bodyrock.tv. They are awesome, but finding the time to workout is tough. I have been working on making it a lifestyle change since I haven't been able to dance as much.

This week along with bodyrock and dance, Loren and I took our day off together to go hiking in Tennessee Valley. If you haven't been, it's totally a bay area 'to do'. It's right beside the Pacific, Rodeo Beach, and Muir Beach. There are some pretty steep inclines, or you can stick to more level trails. Make sure to have enough to eat before! I got so super shakey we had to sit and eat our fruit. Thank goodness Loren brought a ton of it!

After we hiked, we went to this place called Lucinda's. Super yummy Mexican take-out! You should totally look it up if you are in the North Bay area!

1.Flower on the trail.
2. Loren, and the super steep hill (it doesn't look so steep in the picture, but I promise it was a killer.
3.Loren and the Pacific.
4.Mexican coke.
5.Lucinda's goodness.


  1. These photos are beautiful! Looks like a great time.

    1. Hey, thanks Sara!! Glad you enjoyed them! Digging your blog! so cute!