22 February 2012

Refashioning instead of Retailing

Today I'm wearing a new shirt. No no, I didn't break my retail resolution. I flipping made it! Actually, i refashioned it!

Loren had this old shirt that he was going to toss.

One of those ones that had shrunk in a funny way. I was going to just make Dinah some cat toys out of it, but then I looked at my trusty pinterest boards. I found a super easy refashion "pattern". Basically the steps are:

1. Spread that ugly old shirt out.
2. Find a shirt that you have-- one where you like the fit. Put it on top of old, ugly.
3.Cut the fabric using the 'good' shirt as a guide. Measure the sleeves and cut to a length you like (3/4, sleeveless, short sleeve, keep it long). I also tightened up the arms by cutting them along the seam.
4. The trickiest part for me was the neckline. I wanted a V neck, but you could also do a boat neck, or just circular.
5. Sew it up! The hem of the sleeves, seams on the sleeves, side seams, and then the pesky neckline. Make sure to get the iron out to flatten down the neckline before sewing. It will make the project easier.

And ta-da! The finished project! So, so, sew excited! And absolutely no retail required. Just go through your guy's give-away bag!

Oh, and Dinah still got a catnip treasure out of it too. She really likes it when I sew. I have to watch her paws though, they almost were too curious!

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