20 February 2012

Nice to Meet You Mondays

Meet Grandma. She's the one with the sly eyes on the left. A few weeks ago, Loren I got one of those awful calls ( very early in the morning) that will happen to all of us at one point or another. My Grandma, the woman that was at every event that I had growing up, suddenly passed away.

Being on one side of the country one day and suddenly flying to the other side the next is no easy feat. It went by in a blur, and took/is taking a while for me to process it all. Grandma, along with my Mom, gave me the love of making and creating along with bargain shopping and finding things that "serve the purpose." She introduced me to crochet, embroidery, and sewing. Best of all, she put me in the kitchen experimenting with cakes, fudge, and biscuits.

Being back was great. We stayed with Grandpa and made him a few things in the kitchen. I think the best thing was Loren's introduction to pickling from Grandpa himself.

My Grandparents have always had this awesome back yard with tons of flowers and veggies. Of course a lot of things got pickled. It's Georgia. My pretty jars at home in Berkeley are now filled with pickled items- eggs in particular.

Part of the journey for this girl is recognizing the roots that started in the stitches of Grandma's garden.

And Loren's already pickling everything.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, girlie :( I have memories of my great grandparents and grandmother's passing as well-- I also remember how devastated my mother was through it all. I can only hope to understand about your loss right now.

    At least there will be pickled foods to help you along the way and think back on the good times.

    1. Thanks Bee <3
      You guys will have to come and try some of Loren's pickled goodness.