10 January 2012


Creating gives me life, so of course I'm super addicted to Pinterest. It's one of my favorite places of inspiration at the moment, especially for DIY projects. I would like to think I spend more time working on the projects I see, compared to sitting and just staring at this computer screen.

So, when I was so fortunate to finally order the
camera I've been wanting for my birthday gift (birthday next Tuesday ya'll...ekk!), I didn't want to buy one of those not so chic bags at Best Buy. It's way better just to make my own! I found these inspirations on Pinterest.

This one from Design Sponge combined with this design from Vanilla and Lace is something like what I want. I went straight to Stone Mountain and Daughter here in Berkeley. It's this awesome local fabric store that has tons of choices, including some reproduction fabrics that are A-mazing. They also have some classes that would be fun to check out too. I found some pretty awesome wool fabric!

So this is my project... and I can't wait to start it. When I have my camera, I will be able to start the project with the specific dimensions for the camera!

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