11 January 2012

Chelsea 11. Retail 0.

I am so fortunate. My husband, Loren, and I are well taken care of. We both have jobs, families that love the heck out of us, a community of friends that have our back, I'm finished with school, he's getting his masters, we have a place to live, and plenty to eat. Oh yes, and Dinah.
She is quite the model.

And I. Have. A. Lot. Of. Clothes. I'm talking my clothes take up most of the closet. I'm so lucky to have Loren. He totally (sweetly) keeps me in line so I won't become hoarder. So for six months (starting January 1st) I'm not doing retail. No popping over to Anthropologie to use my birthday discount. No H&M Valentine's dress. No retail therapy at Forever 21 ( yes, the giant three story one right next door to my job) or shopping for the cousins' spring wedding. If I want anything, these two hands are gonna have to make it. Or restyle something from the closet. My little way of trying to spend more time learning new things and hanging out with Loren and little Dinah.
This is going to be tough.

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